Tony Brady

Time-Tested Experience 



I am Tony Brady, owner of American Natural Resources, LLC (ANR). For over 30 years, the only thing we have done is invest in land and land resources.


During our time in business, we have experienced and invested in and through all the events and economic cycles that came about from 1989 to present day which included the great recession.


Our investment resume’ includes timberland, developments, farms, conservation easements, minerals, mitigation banking and nature-based land developments. 

As a result of all the different investment projects and economic cycles, we have developed a team of professionals in the fields of forestry, geology, land planning, engineering, surveying/mapping, management/construction, financial modeling, accounting and law throughout the U.S.


If you are interested in buying land, selling land or are advising someone on these matters, email us or call 478-477-1141.  


Thank you in advance,

Tony Brady

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