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For over 30 years, we here at American Natural Resources, LLC (ANR) have been providing a competitive, assured source of liquidity to landowners looking to sell land assets which have problems that are not easily solved by those not willing or able to deal with the problems.


Many land assets are encumbered with physical issues that require construction, repair, dealing with contractors, etc., or have title issues that require legal intervention or it may be encumbered with both problems. Additionally, a land asset can be difficult to move if it is both large and encumbered with problems and particularly so if you are looking to sell in an unfavorable market. Dealing with all of these issues is where we fit in competitively. 


We invest in these types of land assets and use our expertise and capital to solve the problems. We invest in timberland, waterfront properties, mineral resources, and land with future development potential.


When you are dealing with us, there are no decisions by committees or time delays. We pride ourselves on solving problems and closing quickly. We offer assurances of a successful closing from day one.


If you have land to sell, we would appreciate the opportunity to make you an offer. 


Please email us or call 478-477-1141.  


Thank you in advance,

             Tony Brady

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